Dec 142012

On Friday 23rd November we exchanged contracts and agreed a moving date of Friday 30th November. On that day I also ordered BT’s Infinity 2 60MB Fibre Optic Broadband Package as my previous supplier of 60MB broadband, Virgin Media, don’t do our new address. After ordering I was told they couldn’t connect it all up until Monday 10th December. A bit annoying, but I could live with tethering on my phone.

Monday 10th came and my son had been admitted to hospital the night before however Mrs-MaFt was at home for when the engineer arrived at 8.45am. This is when the problems started… The engineer couldn’t do anything because, it turned out, BT had not activated the phone line. He had another job to get to but said he would try get back later in the day or, at the latest, he would come the following day and get it all done. Slightly more annoying but I could live with a one day delay. So, later in the day I get a text message and an email confirming the phone line is now up and running… but no broadband engineer was to be seen. That’s OK, he said he would come back the next day.

The following morning I get this text message from BT:


What?! I missed the appointment? And you expect me to wait another 2 weeks??!! I was, as you may expect, pretty fuming. I could maybe understand having to wait another 2 weeks if we had actually missed the appointment, but considering someone was in all day even while our son was in hospital I think we did pretty damn well at keeping the appointment! So, I phoned them up to see what they were playing at. Basically they admitted it was their fault and they don’t expect me to wait two weeks until the engineer can come back. So they said they would fast-track it and try get someone out in the next few days – I confirmed that any day that week would be fine. They said they would check with the engineering people and get back to me later in the day.

‘Later in the day’ came and there was still no call returned – this was about 6pm. So I phoned them back. After going through the whole story again I was told that it was on my account that they would phone me the following day (Wednesday) so I queried why I was told it would be the same day when they called back. He also said there’s nothing he could do as it’s been escalated already.

The next day I got this:


Guess what? I was a little bit annoyed… Actually, no I wasn’t, I was VERY annoyed (with capital letters). As I was told not to phone them I went to The Twitter to have a bit of a moan to @BTCare who, to be fair to that department, seemed to be trying to be helpful. However as it had already been escalated and I’d been given a date/time that they would contact me by they couldn’t really do much else.

Yesterday to rub some more salt in my wounds they sent me a bill for my broadband services. You know, the one they haven’t actually provided me with. Remember I’m still not allowed to phone them so I went to their online chat to ‘discuss my bill’. Here’s the conversation I had (click to enlarge):

BT Billing Query


Five o’clock came and went with no return call from Syed Saaduddin. To be honest, I’m used to being let down by BT now that it didn’t actually annoy me that much. Perhaps this is their super new business idea – annoy their customers so much that they just drop dead in exasperation!

So now, here I am, sitting, waiting for BT to call me. They currently have just over 3 1/2 hours left to call me and give me a new installation date. And explain why they haven’t done anything that they promised. And why they are charging me for a service they aren’t providing. And why they seemingly don’t understand that the ‘T’ in ‘BT’ is, basically, for ‘COMMUNICATION’ – which they seem inept at.

I’ll update later tonight or tomorrow with whether or not they actually call me before 8pm. If you want a sneak peak though you can follow me on The Twitter via @MaFt where no doubt I will be doing some suppressed swears shortly after 8pm. When BT’s lines are probably closed…


FOLLOW UP POST: “BT: Bloody Terrible


Mar 182011

I’m sick to death of having HD shoved down my throat. Everywhere you go it’s ‘HD this’ and ‘HD that’ even to the point where people make up new meanings for what HD actually is. I overheard a salesman telling an old woman that she needed a HD-ready TV so it will still work after the digital switchover – the poor old dear only wanted a 14-16inch TV for in the kitchen!!

A friend of mine (@echoingsounds) asked if I’d seen ‘Abatoir‘ (I may have misheard him though) to which I answered “yes’ – because I have an I didn’t see the point in lying about such a  trivial thing. He then said “Oooooohhhhhh, wait until you see it in HD!” to which I responded “Why? does it make the story better?”. Completely missing the fact that I wasn’t overly impressed with the film he simply said “No, it just looks amazing”.

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Nov 252010

Perhaps the title itself will give this slightly bizarre blog post away before I even start. Perhaps though, I am misrepresenting you as physics geeks. Time shall tell!

There is a theory in Quantum Mechanics (a branch of physics) that matter can both exist and not exist at the same time – this is referred to as a ‘superposition’. Admittedly it is somewhat more complex than that – feel free to Google or Wiki it. Back in 1935 a few boffins got together to discuss this, and other ‘life-threatening’ physics mumbo-jumbo, to which Schrödinger came up with a purposefully absurd rebuttal involving a cat in a box. Continue reading »

Oct 282009

I would dearly love to show you some video from Monday’s Green Day gig at Sheffield Arena however my iPhone was stolen and was last ‘seen’ in Liverpool, near Kensington Gardens…
Find my iPhone
On Sunday night my car was broken into as well. Nothing was taken but it did mean I had to pay for a replacement window and the hassle involved.

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Sep 252009

I got an email today from the wonderful CCL Computers (that sounds more sarcastic than it actually is – they are a great company!) as a hard drive I bought from them failed during it’s warranty period. The drive turned out to be discontinued and so I was asked to find a suitable replacement around a similar price, which I did, and replied to their email.

This morning I had this in my inbox:

Hello MaFt

Thank you for your reply.

Your order xxxxxxxxx has now been amended for the HDD0133. All been well will be despatched this evening for delivery on Monday/Tuesday of next week.  Could you please ensure that they will be someone their too accept and sign for the goods.

If you require any further help or assistance please do not hesitate too contact us back by return of mail.

Kind Regards
::name removed::
CCL Returns Department.

There are, technically, no spelling mistakes in there; so well done in that sense! However, I count 5 grammatical errors where the wrong word has been used. For someone speaking on behalf of a big company you’d think they would at least try and give a good impression!

I honestly wouldn’t normally nit-pick to this degree but 5 errors in such a short email did make me laugh!

Jan 162008

Been stupidly busy for pretty much a full week hence no action on the blog! We’d been planning for a while to decorate Mini-MaFt’s bedroom with Disney Cars stuff as Winnie the Pooh was a bit babyish for him now. Mrs-MaFt decided to start pulling wallpaper off so that the room looked a mess and we’d actually get around to doing it!

The actual decorating wasn’t too bad except for one sheet of the paper having brown marks on it and a big white patch meaning we ran out of paper…The shop where we got it from has run out and won’t get any until the end of this week – so there’s currently half a wall unpapered!! We decided that on the outside wall we would put up some polystyrene veneer just to keep it a bit warmer and reduce any dampness. The only thing being that when the paper was put over it and it dried it peeled the veneer off the wall and seems to have shrunk the paper (leaving gaps between the sheets)… Wallpaper paste doesn’t keep it down so we’ve had to resort to Pritt-Stick to keep it down!! There’s still a bit of a gap which we’ll have to put a bit of paint over (if we can find a good match) – not ideal but it’s better than pulling the whole lot off!

To finish the room off we got Mini-MaFt a racing car bed – you should have seen his face, he was soooo excited!! The bed was easy to put up until it got to putting on the stickers. There were 3 massive sheets with the vinyl stickers on them – none of which really matched the pictures in the instruction book and they all seemed too big anyway! Even more annoying was the fact that they were not even cut! So not only did we have to decide how we were going to stick them on, which we would use and which would would leave off, we also had to cut the flippin’ things out as well! It took a while, but it looks good!

Anyway, ack to work, I need to check stock levels of wallpaper and try find some paint!


Jan 022008

I mis-set my alarm last night and instead of getting up at the planned 6.30am I had set it for 4.30am… Thing is I didn’t notice and came down and booted up the laptop to start work. I then went into the kitchen to make a coffee and saw the time on the oven read 4.34 – my initial thought was ‘oh, we must have had a power cut’ then I checked my phone* which confirmed it was still stupid o’clock in the morning…

I actually toyed with the idea of actually starting some work but after about 2 seconds I thought ‘sod it’ and went back to bed for a couple of hours!


* my phone which now looks rather swish thanks to the awesome free UI, called ‘.Home’ from PointUI.

Dec 052007

For those thinking “it’ll be Christmas by the time he blogs again” well, you’re wrong. But not too far from the truth though!

Been stupidly busy sorting out poorly kids and poorly me as well as trying to get stuff sorted for the Christmas play I stupidly agreed to do…

I’ve been pretty busy with work stuff to – lots to do with as usual but I’ve also recently finished the Migrant Workers Information Bradford site as well as completely redesigning the Jalapeno Drums site. The Jalapeno one is still showing the old site while we wait for domain names to be switched between hosts etc etc – all great fun…! I’ve also updated the portfolio part of my site at so it’s not been a total loss!

That’ll do for now, I’ll try post more in the near future!


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