Jan 132007

Blimey, I’ve let a week slip by again without any posts… So, I’m not sitting here with a pint of Wells Banana Bread Beer bringing you up to speed.

So, basically I’ve been getting lots of work done – both paid work and unpaid work. I’ve been a busy bee getting a load of video editing done but have hit a potential stumbling block… Disc space, or rather the lack of it. Never the mind though as I’ve worked out a way around it – it took a lot longer to work this out than I believe it should have though… I’m just putting the finishing touches to the bonus disc of the Punk Worship DVD I’m doing so once that’s burnt I can get rid of the raw footage which will free up enough space (about 30GB) so that I can finish off my wedding video and Brother-A’s wedding video.

Once those are done I’ll have enough free space to do the main disc of the Punk Worship DVD set, for which I’ll need about 45GB just for the raw footage. Then when that’s done I can get cracking on Mini-MaFt’s First Year DVD and a tonne of other odd little recordings I need to sort out.

It’s scary to think that I can happily sit and manipulate 20GB files when only 7 years ago my first computer had a (then) massive 6.4GB hard drive. Big Brother-T said at the time “you’ll never need all that space but if you’ve got the money you may as well have it”. Well, now I have 18GB free space out of the 320GB I have available – and I cleared about 10GB the other day just from odd video files knocking about…

Space, the final frontier – I’ll never have enough…


Dec 142006

Well, 10 days rather than 10 years… I’m still dead busy hence my complete lack of Blogness! But all is almost done! PW2 went really well and the decorating at the Mother-In-Laws is coming to a close. Once that’s done I can get cracking on all the video editing that has been building up since Summer 2005…

That’s about it really, nothing of interest has happened! I’ll try make the blog a bit more interesting in the near future too!


Dec 042006

Both Mini-MaFt and Mrs-MaFt are ill… great… puke and poo everywhere! Seriously!

It has just dawned on me how much I need to get done this week! Not only have I work to do but I also need to get some decorating done at the In-Laws. Then on top of that, tomorrow night we’re off to St Georges Hall in Bradford to see ‘Love So Amazing 2‘ – a collection of modern worship stuff. Mum and Dad are singing so we’re off to support them. Ro, Punk Worship bassist, is operating the projector for the night so he’s gonna spam it with PW2 adverts so I’ll have to get a photo of our massive promo!

I also need to get the laptop’s prepared for various events at church this week: Thursday is Brigades Christmas event, Saturday is PW2 and Sunday I’m on the rota to project the normal worship service… Thing is, I can’t get hold of the church laptop until Wednesday and I’m STILL waiting for people to send me what they want putting on it!

So, that’s about all!

See ya


Nov 272006

“It’s stupid, contagious
To be broke and famous
Can someone please save us from punk rock 101
My Dickies, your sweat bands
My spiked hair, your new Vans
Let’s throw up our rock hands for punk rock 101″
‘Punk Rock 101’ – Bowling For Soup

I had a message via MySpazz yesterday saying how the Punk Workshop I was running sounded like a great idea and this guy was going to try get some of his friends to come along.

Now, hopefully, it was a simple typo that was supposed to read ‘Punk Worship‘ and the poor lad wasn’t actually expecting a workshop on how to be punk…

In case I am actually mistaken and he WAS wanting a punk workshop then below is my quick guide on how to be punk depending on your age:

Young Punk:

  • ensure your wardrobe consists solely of: atticus, lowlife, vans or black clothing
  • deny you are ’emo’
  • slag Green Day off for ‘selling out’ after releasing [insert any Green Day album title here]
  • listen only to the latest ‘cool’ bands
  • claim loudly that [insert last week’s ‘cool’ band here] have sold out because they got radio airplay
  • only go to see your mates bands and download their cd instead of supporting them
  • have a MySpace page with your friends made up of bands you’ve never seen and your school chums
  • explain to everyone that being ‘punk’ is about not following fashions and thinking for yourself then go around dressing the same as everyone else…

Old Punk:

  • hate new punk rock groups for at least one of the following reasons: they have good quality recordings, they’re in it for the money, they’re too young, it’s just not ’77
  • wear an old, tatty leather jacket with some dodgy 70’s bands Tipp-Ex-ed onto it
  • go on constantly about ’77-’79
  • show how much you ‘hate the system’ by working 9-5, 5 days a week, for a multi-national company that exploits cheap labour in China
  • explain to everyone you meet that ‘punk’ is about not following rules or a fashion but then dress the same as every other punk and slag off various groups for not fitting the punk rules that, according to your own beliefs, don’t exist anyway…
  • never shut up about the time you saw [insert any 70’s punk band here] at [insert any small pub name here]

OK, so that was slightly tongue-in-cheek, but some people annoy me! Having said that there are 2 ‘types’ of punk person that I respect:

  • 1) The young punk who’ll go to see old bands and respects the fact that this is where their current ‘new’ bands got a lot of their inspiration from
  • 2) The old punk who accepts that times change and will go to see and support the new punk bands

That’s all for now, I feel I may have babbled! Anyway, it’s not ‘punk’ to moan about stuff that’s not government (old punk) or fashion (young punk) related…


Nov 072006

Well, the blog has gone all black n orange! My two favourite colours. Well, not my favourite colours, more my favourite colour scheme! More changes to come, this is just the start for now!

I’m finally gonna get around to updating my site – well, that’s a massive over-statement, the plan is actually to just change the main page to make it either a link to the blog (regularly updated) or the main site (badly updated) – at some point I’ll actually update the site a bit but since Mini-MaFt has been born I’ve not had much chance to write any songs so it’s a bit pointless so far! Still, it’ll get done.

I recorded the vocals for OPEN YOUR EYES last night which sound pretty good. Just a few more finishing touches and we should be able to get some samples up and get them off to the printers too.

Right, break over, back to work!


Oct 232006

www.PunkWorship.co.uk will be recording a mini-album on November 4th with the aim of providing fundage for future PW events. And also to add a kick-ass CD to your collection!

It will feature 4 or 5 new recordings (more details later), a live track from Punk Worship earlier in the year; technology permitting, it should also have some special magic enhanced CD content including a video. There might also be a little extra there too….

So, why am I telling you this? Well, we figured that if a handful of people pre-ordered the CD at a special reduced cost of £5 (plus 50p postage) this would help us with the initial funding for getting the CD’s duplicated and the artwork printed. Normal price will be £6 (plus postage) and all profits (around £2.50 at full price) will go towards future PW events which, at present, cost us around £300 (hire/purchase of equipment, admin costs etc etc)

I’ll post details in the near future about how you can pre-order OPEN YOUR EYES either by cheque or through PayPal – keep checking www.PunkWorship.co.uk too as well as your inbox – what? you mean you’re not signed up to the mailing list?! DO IT NOW: PW Mailing List

Open Your Eyes


Oct 092006

Right, I’ve spent the best part of the day on my new job. Working on behalf of www.PocketGPSWorld.com. I’ve still got some bits to get used to and learn but I seem to be getting the hang of it so far. The good thing is I’m working from home so can listen to music all day long too! So, if you visit the site during the day you’re actually likely to see what I’m listening to (on the left) as opposed to it saying “Nothing”.

Also, Grandma died at 7am on Saturday morning. We expecpected it but it’s like she was waiting until everyone had seen her before she ‘let go’. Mrs-MaFt says that sort of thing hapens a lot – she’s a nurse and deals wth death quite a lot. Well, she’s not in pain anymore.

And, finally, we had our first practise for PW2 on Saturday morning too. We got through a bunch of songs that we did previously but have made a start on some new songs, including som eChristmas carols too! They sound great 🙂

Anyway, back to work!


May 152006

If you’re on dial-up just stop reading here!!

Take a look at http://www.maft.co.uk/worship/media/reign.wmv for a 4minute video to get an idea of what the Punk Worship was about – it’s 45mb so be warned!! Not sure if it will stream but if you have anything over 2mb broadband then I suspect it should. If not then right-click and download it.