Dec 142012

I’m just transferring all the media over for new client who is moving from to a self-hosted WordPress site (using my hosting company Salt & Light Solutions) and it reminded me to write this post…! The photos that had been uploaded to the blog were approx 4MB each (4272 x 2848 pixels!) – this causes a few problems when you transfer to self-hosted. 1) space issues, 2) bandwidth issues and 3) visitor experience – more info:

1) Space – each photo is 4MB – on this doesn’t matter, you get as much space as you need. As soon as you pay for hosting space costs money. On a self-hosted WP site too the image you upload is duplicated 4 times – you have the original photo and then 3 or 4 different sized versions of the image so a 4MB photo ends up taking up about 6MB of space once WP makes the different versions of the file that it needs.

2) Bandwidth – if your photo is 4MB then each time the full image is downloaded it uses up 4MB of your bandwidth (the data-transfer allowance, so to speak). Most browsers will resize huge images so they fit on the screen nicely BUT you must remember that the full 4MB image will need to be downloaded before the browser will do that. Again, on, bandwidth isn’t an issue but self-hosted: bandwidth costs money!

3) Visitor experience –  if your photos are 4MB each then this means that people with slower connections will have to wait a loooooong time to see an image. Multiply that by 20 times if you have loads of images loading on your home page and you will quickly turn people away from your blog.

So, taking all the above into account, what can you do about it? One option is to resize each photo before you upload it but, let’s be honest here, we’re all busy people and isn’t it just so much easier to select 10 photos from your digital camera to upload as a gallery than to mess about resizing each one? What if the magical WordPress fairies could do all this for you once you upload the photo? Yep – much better!

As such I heartily recommend installing a plugin called ‘Imsanity‘ (just search in the plugin installer and you will find it) which basically resizes any photo you upload and removes the original massive photo. This then gets rid of all three issues mentioned above: space (the 4mb file no longer exists and will be reduced to about 0.3MB), bandwidth (each time the photo is loaded it uses 10 times less bandwidth) and the visitor experience (smaller file sizes means the site loads much faster).

Another advantage of Imsanity is that it can resize any photos already on your self-hosted WP site! One client who I recommended the plugin to freed up about 1.2GB of space!

I hope this helps some WordPress users who have made the switch from to self-hosted.

Feb 082011

There’s this thing called ‘Music Monday’ that @girltaristhan does on her blog. Admittedly she stole it from Rickie (and probably numerous other folk across the interwebs). Basically, every Monday you do a short blog post about a band and 5 songs of theirs that you like or that have some deep meaning in your life that you can pretend your readers actually care about. You start with the letter ‘A’ and work through the alphabet right through to ‘Z’. If you miss a letter then and angry set of wild elves ride in on a pack of wolves and chew through your phone line or broadband connection thus rendering your life useless. Continue reading »

Mar 222010

I’ve just successfully imported my old blog into this one. With any luck, Facebook Notes won’t suddenly add links on my profile page to the 346 ‘new’ blog posts… Apologies if it does!!!

Jun 072009

It’s been a long, long time since I blogged for proper and getting hooked on Twitter has spurred me on to get blogging again – 140 characters just isn’t enough…

Previously I’ve used for my blogging needs but publishing it on my own server – this really annoyed me as there were not only more chances for things to go wrong while Blogger was FTP-ing the files to my site but also Blogger had this wonderful policy that if you used your own hosting you couldn’t use any of the (then) new fancy features that were added around 2004. I carried on using it simply because I’d got used to it… Shear laziness I know!

My last blog ran from February 2005 until February 2008  and spanned 4 jobs (Leeds Uni, Nektar Therapeutics, Dole Dosser, – feel free to read it here: It’s been almost 18 months since I last officially blogged. Now I’ve opted to use the mighty WordPress which I’m more than happy with after fiddling for just over an hour. So, expect some changes over the next week or so while I experiment with new plugins, widgets and themes and also get my head around what categories, sub categories and tags to use!
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Dec 072007

Virgin Broadband is currently down… Well, their official description is: “Customers across the Yorkshire region may currently be experiencing a loss of their broadband Internet services”. Basically, I can get to a few sites but not any of the ones I need to… like for my emails (can get them on the phone though), (so can’t get any work done – ie no money), (so can’t update that site and get a small amount of advertising money).

So, generally, it sucks! So I thought I’d share my moaning with you here on the blog cos Virgin let me go to!

See ya