Jan 232008

Why is the weather so rubbish? Not only have we had loads of rain but loads of wind too! I wouldn’t mind too much but my passenger side car door leaks when the wind and rain are blowing in a certain direction… on Monday I had to scoop out about half an inch of water from the passenger foot-well…

Anyone want to buy me a new car?


Dec 192007

Place names are usually fairly descriptive, for example Hill Top Road is a road at the top of a hill; Hill Top Fisheries is a Chippy at the top of a hill; Little John’s Kebab Hut is a kebab hut owned by a man called John who happens to be vertically challenged.

So, from that, what would you expect Four Lane Ends and Five Lane Ends to be? Logically it would be the point where 4/5 lanes meet, perhaps at a roundabout or at a traffic light controlled junction…? Well, you’d be wrong for thinking that! Here they are:

As you can see, Four Lane Ends would be better off called “One Lane Goes Through and Two Others End” and Five Lane Ends is clearly “Six Lane Ends”…

I wonder if it’s worth starting a one-man campaign to get their names changed?


Jun 282007

Well, here they are, the promised photo’s of our local Harrier Jumpjet! Shoetree and his lovely lady-wife came over yesterday so I took them for a drive to see the plane too 🙂

Well, here they are, the promised photo’s of our local Harrier Jumpjet! Shoetree and his lovely lady-wife came over yesterday so I took them for a drive to see the plane too 🙂


Jun 212007

We were driving up to Queensbury yesterday along the Brighouse & Denholme Road and I happened to look out of the window. TO my surprise, there was a Harrier JumpJet in someone’s garden. Not a toy, an actual real Harrier JumpJet!

To confirm I wasn’t going mad, we stopped on the way back to make sure… And it was still there – a real, full-size, not a toy, Royal Navy Harrier JumpJet.

If you don’t believe me then head over to The Raggalds pub and it’s opposite there. I’ll try get a photo at some point!


May 162007

OK, even if the whole ‘eating a full pack of mini batenburgs‘ thing wasn’t piggish behaviour then I think this might be:

Today we were in Morrisons and I noticed that Creme Eggs we only 18p – a whole 2p cheaper than in Woolworths just over the car park! I had to by five. It would have been wrong not to!

I ate four of them, it would have been five but I gave one way to a homeless child. Well, not quite homeless, I gave it to one of Mini-MaFt’s friends, Master-O – he was most pleased! I might get some more tomorrow 😉


Mar 192007

Yesterday was our last day at CeBIT and involved, as the blog entry title suggests, walking, flying, flying, flying and eventually sleeping. After our final bit of reporting in the morning we got our stuff and waited for our taxi to start us off on our trip back to the UK. It was only a short taxi ride though as instead of getting the 40 minute taxi to the airport we got the 10 minute taxi to the heliport where we got a helicopter transfer to the airport – much more fun! We then flew, by plane, from Hanover to London Stansted and then I flew back from London to Manchester.

Three flights in one day – I have a feeling I’m not going to beat that personal record for some time…


Mar 172007

Well, CeBIT is great so far. I’ve got a bit of spare time in the press office so after writing my reviews thought I’d show off by posting this picture of me on a Segway!

One thing that has annoyed me though is Google and Blogger picking up on the fact I have a German IP address and trying to be ‘helpful’ by making all the text German… Grr… Luckily I’ve used Blogger long enough to be able to guess what the links are for!


Nov 042006

Yesterday, wherever I drove I seemed to get stuck behind either a learner doing 20mph in a 40 zone or a bus that wanted to pull up every 100m at some imaginary bus stop. Why people don’t give me priority on the road I have no idea…

Hopefully today will be better as there’s no school traffic to get caught up in!