Sep 122011

A while back I blogged about the possibility that I may have a defect in my MLH1 gene that increases my chances of getting bowel cancer. You can read more info here: Keeping It In The Family. The other month I went for a blood test and a few days ago I got my results.

Now, I’m not going to post my results here because there is one close family member who doesn’t want to know plus you’re probably not that interested anyway! But in the days before getting my results it got me thinking…

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Jul 272011

A few days ago one of my many Twitter accounts suddenly came alive. It was quite exciting. My little fun project,, had received more submissions and hits than previous weeks and months. @AtkiTeach tweeted the following:

@bettakultcha @racinghippo follow @bdjesusman – cannot believe I only just found this and site! As a Bradfordian, get Mr Jesus or site ppl!

to which @bettakultcha later replied:

@bdjesusman would love you to come and present about bradfordjesusman at #bettakultcha #Bradford


A few things struck me from these and a few other messages that were sent:

  1. Random people were starting to find my Bradford Jesus Man website which means word is getting around without me having to whore it on The Facebook or The Twitter so much.
  2. People actually loved the idea of the site.
  3. I was being complimented on the design and functionality of the site.
  4. I had no idea what BettaKultcha was…

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