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Been stupidly busy for pretty much a full week hence no action on the blog! We’d been planning for a while to decorate Mini-MaFt’s bedroom with Disney Cars stuff as Winnie the Pooh was a bit babyish for him now. Mrs-MaFt decided to start pulling wallpaper off so that the room looked a mess and we’d actually get around to doing it!

The actual decorating wasn’t too bad except for one sheet of the paper having brown marks on it and a big white patch meaning we ran out of paper…The shop where we got it from has run out and won’t get any until the end of this week – so there’s currently half a wall unpapered!! We decided that on the outside wall we would put up some polystyrene veneer just to keep it a bit warmer and reduce any dampness. The only thing being that when the paper was put over it and it dried it peeled the veneer off the wall and seems to have shrunk the paper (leaving gaps between the sheets)… Wallpaper paste doesn’t keep it down so we’ve had to resort to Pritt-Stick to keep it down!! There’s still a bit of a gap which we’ll have to put a bit of paint over (if we can find a good match) – not ideal but it’s better than pulling the whole lot off!

To finish the room off we got Mini-MaFt a racing car bed – you should have seen his face, he was soooo excited!! The bed was easy to put up until it got to putting on the stickers. There were 3 massive sheets with the vinyl stickers on them – none of which really matched the pictures in the instruction book and they all seemed too big anyway! Even more annoying was the fact that they were not even cut! So not only did we have to decide how we were going to stick them on, which we would use and which would would leave off, we also had to cut the flippin’ things out as well! It took a while, but it looks good!

Anyway, ack to work, I need to check stock levels of wallpaper and try find some paint!