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Five Iron Frenzy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: ska-punk FTW! Five Iron Frenzy were a great, lively ska-punk band (also defined, by me as ‘trumpet-punk’; i.e. not so much actual ska on a lot of songs!) – one of many that have since disbanded. What set them apart, for me at least, was their brilliant lyrics – witty, deep and with the occasional bad rhyme. Some samples include: “I’m 29 years old still wearing my wallet chain like I was 28; I’m wearing my Vans so that high school kids will think that I can skate”, “I don’t care if we’re punk or ska or hardcore enough for you, it’s sad but true; you can call us names till your face turns blue; Our assurance comes from God, it’s nothing new, we’ll never care ’cause we’re never cool enough for you.” and “Wizard needs food, badly.”

  1. At Least I’m not Like All Those Other Old Guys (from ‘The End Is Near’)
  2. American Kryptonite (live) (from ‘The End Is Here’)
  3. Cool Enough For You (from ‘Upbeats and Beatdowns’)
  4. A Flowery Song (from ‘Live – Proof That The Youth Are Revolting’)
  5. Farewell To Arms (from ‘The End Is Near’)