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It must be a tough life being a tech blogger / tech news reporter. I mean, there’s hardly any new technology or products being developed at all that can be written about. No one even uses existing technology for anything interesting and newsworthy either. Things are so bad on a daily basis that they must start to report rumours as news. Oh, wait, hang on. Actually, there are a tonne of new developments that could be written about… But that would be too much hard work, right?

Instead we get to see stupid rumours about Apple things that have so little substance that they are laughable. It doesn’t happen with any other company – I’ve never read a blog/news post about Company A sending an email to Company B therefore Company A must be developing product XYZ but that’s what I see on an almost daily basis with so called news reports for Apple.

The current one is that “Apple have a SatNav service in the works” (I’ve seen this on at least 4 sites now) with their proof being that Apple have big data centres an they bought Siri (a voice recognition company) last year ergo they are developing a SatNav service. What??!!! How the heck can a serious journalist even make that link? Hell, even Eddie Izzard or Ross Noble would struggle to link those things together. Has it even crossed their mind that maybe they bought a voice recognition company to improve the existing voice recognition software currently used in their iPhones? Maybe the larger data centre could be a direct link to them doubling the audio previews in iTunes from 30secs to 1min? Or even the fact that they have more and more and more songs, videos, films and tv programmes available to buy/rent in iTunes and so they need more space?

If this annoys me so much I hate to see how I get when the iPhone 5 feature-list ‘news’ start…

An in other news, last month we got a new cat. Rumour has it that because of this we are moving to Chester. There’s a link there somewhere… Go blog it to the world as fact!