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Elviss are an obscure UK punk/rock band who have been a cause of great frustration to me over the years! When I first heard them on Radio 1 in 2002 I fell in love with their sound – similar to that of The Wildhearts but not a ‘copycat’ band. As soon as their single ‘D-Change’ was released I bought it. The following year they released their second single, ‘Radio (Kill It)’, which I also bought. As far as I’m aware they never released an album. They had some cracking songs on the singles but nothing seemed to come of them. Even googling it doesn’t pull up any meaningful information – just lots of dyslxic fans of ‘The King’…

  1. D-Change (from ‘D-Change [single]’)
  2. Protocolic (from ‘D-Change [single]’)
  3. Radio (Kill It) (from ‘Radio (Kill It) [single]’)
  4. Common Thread (from ‘Radio (Kill It) [single]’)
  5. Orange Glow (from ‘Radio (Kill It) [single]’)