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Dance Hall Crashers

Everybody loves happy, bouncy music full of gorgeous harmonies. Or, rather, everyone should love happy, bouncy music full of gorgeous harmonies. Dance Hall Crashers hail from California and were originally formed by Matt Freeman and Tim Armstrong (Operation Ivy / Rancid) although they left shortly after their first gig. Owing to the two female vocalists (Elyse and Karina) bouncing their harmonies off of each other, the whole sound tends to be more ‘poppy’ than most other ska-punk bands. This isn’t a bad thing, it gave them a pretty unique sound (sometimes akin to No Doubt’s “Tragic Kingdom” era) and a they are a joy to listen to as well.

  1. Cat Fight (from ‘Purr’)
  2. The Truth About Me (from ‘Honey, I’m Homely!’)
  3. Will Tomorrow Ever Come (from ‘Honey I’m Homely!’)
  4. The Real You (from ‘Purr’)
  5. Lost Again (from ‘Honey I’m Homely!’)