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Blimey, I’ve let a week slip by again without any posts… So, I’m not sitting here with a pint of Wells Banana Bread Beer bringing you up to speed.

So, basically I’ve been getting lots of work done – both paid work and unpaid work. I’ve been a busy bee getting a load of video editing done but have hit a potential stumbling block… Disc space, or rather the lack of it. Never the mind though as I’ve worked out a way around it – it took a lot longer to work this out than I believe it should have though… I’m just putting the finishing touches to the bonus disc of the Punk Worship DVD I’m doing so once that’s burnt I can get rid of the raw footage which will free up enough space (about 30GB) so that I can finish off my wedding video and Brother-A’s wedding video.

Once those are done I’ll have enough free space to do the main disc of the Punk Worship DVD set, for which I’ll need about 45GB just for the raw footage. Then when that’s done I can get cracking on Mini-MaFt’s First Year DVD and a tonne of other odd little recordings I need to sort out.

It’s scary to think that I can happily sit and manipulate 20GB files when only 7 years ago my first computer had a (then) massive 6.4GB hard drive. Big Brother-T said at the time “you’ll never need all that space but if you’ve got the money you may as well have it”. Well, now I have 18GB free space out of the 320GB I have available – and I cleared about 10GB the other day just from odd video files knocking about…

Space, the final frontier – I’ll never have enough…