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I have a theory, and please do humour me with this one… There’s something special about 3 and 5 when it comes to tracks on an album. For years I’ve noticed that tracks 3 and 5 of most albums are usually two of the best songs on an album and often track 3 is usually released as a single. This is something I’ve noticed lots of times BUT have never actually put to any test so I’m going to use my Collectorz Music Collector software again (as seen in R is for… Random) to pick out a bunch of random albums to test my theory. Let’s see if I’ve been deluding myself for years…

“Frozen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)” – Various Artists
Track 3: “For the First Time in Forever”
Track 5: “Let It Go”
Comments: Possibly not the greatest start to test my theory but track 5 was clearly the big hit from here.

“I’m Not Dead” – P!nk
Track 3: “Long Way To Happy”
Track 5: “Dear Mr. President”
Comments: Good songs but clearly disproves my theory.

“Regular Urban Survivors” – Terrorvision
Track 3: “Perseverence”
Track 5: “Hide The Dead Girl”
Comments: Yes! Track 3 was a single and 5 was a good song – although not the best.

“¡uno!” – Green Day
Track 3: “Carpe Diem”
Track 5: “Kill The DJ”
Comments: Track 5 was OK, but again another dis-proof…

“Let The Dominoes Fall” – Rancid
Track 3: “Up To No Good”
Track 5: “Disconnected”
Comments: Ooh, track 3 was released as a video (which is almost a single)!

“Hooray For Boobies” – The Bloodhound Gang
Track 3: “Mama’s Boy”
Track 5: “Mope”
Comments: My theory sucks…

“All Our Kings Are Dead” – Young Guns
Track 3: “Meter & Verse”
Track 5: “Weight Of The World”
Comments: Yeah, OK, I need to stop now.


My theory clearly sucks although I CAN think of a few albums where it holds true:

“Insomniac” – Green Day
Track 3: “Stuck With Me”
Track 5: “No Pride”
Comments: Both awesome tracks and track 3 was a single.

“Tragic Kingdom” – No Doubt
Track 3: “Just A Girl”
Track 5: “Different People”
Comments: Good tracks and 3 was a single.

“Life’s Not Out To Get You” – Neck Deep
Track 3: “Can’t Kick Up The Roots”
Track 5: “Gold Steps”
Comments: Track 3 was a single!


So, the take home point of this ridiculous theory is that you can make any theory work when you pick and choose your own data set…