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Back in 1995 I listened to American punk rock and American punk rock alone. Occasionally there’d be a bit of metal in there from the likes of Metallica, Megadeth or Machine Head (interesting – they all begin with ‘M’). But in general I listened to American punk rock. I was a horribly obnoxious and opinionated bastard of a teenager and simply refused to take any advice from anyone regarding most things. So when my ‘friends’ at school suggested I have a listen to ‘The Holy Bible’ by Manic Street Preachers I just refused to – because, you guessed it, it wasn’t American punk rock; why on earth would I listen to some sheep-shagging band when I could listen to the likes of Rancid or NOFX instead?

Nowadays, I’ve grown up and, while still quite opinionated, I’m not as obnoxious or narrow-minded. Note the presence of the word ‘as‘ 😉 A good friend of mine was talking about Manic Street Preachers a few weeks ago and mentioned The Holy Bible as being one of their best albums and I thought maybe I should listen to that one day… Then, as I was browsing through the £1.99 offers on Google Play Music, I spotted the 20th anniversary remastered edition for, perhaps unsurprisingly, £1.99. So I bought it. What’s the worst that could happen at that price?


Do you know what? I shouted at my 15 year old self. Metaphorically, not literally… It’s actually a cracking album and I was genuinely surprised – it’s just a shame I’m 21 years too late… There’s not a single song on it that I skip through and, while there are a few slower songs on it, most of them are actually what my 15 year old idiot self would have classed as being ‘quite punky’. There we have it, I used to be an idiot and now I’ve grown up into not quite as much of an idiot! Make the most of it, it’s not often I will admit I was wrong 😉

So, S is for being surprised at how good an album was that I rejected solely for the fact it wasn’t American punk rock.