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The Offspring have been a staple part of my musical diet for nearly 2 decades. They’re a band that have changed enough that they don’t get boring but not so much that you don’t recognise them anymore.

I’ve followed them through their steady rise in popularity, from smaller venues to playing sold out arena shows in front of 15,000 people. This was around 1999 with their number 2 song ‘Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)’ throwing them into the public eye. Random fact: they were pipped to the number 1 spot that week by Terrorvision’s ‘Tequila’.

Unlike their counter parts Green Day, The Offspring never stayed as a stadium band and, while they are still making awesome music, they play to much smaller crowds. And I like the fact they’ve continued doing what they love even when their popularity rapidly decreased.


Although their official name is ‘The Offspring’, their 1994 album, Smash, was branded without the definite article, just ‘Offspring’ – I’ve never found out why…

So O is for ‘Offspring’ with their album ‘Smash’