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This is going to be hard to pick only 5 songs…! I’ve been a big fan of Washington pop-punks, MxPx, since 1998. MxPx are a great band – catchy music and great lyrics. They should be huge; especially when you consider that it was MxPx who took Good Charlotte on tour as a support band back in 2000/2001. Still, it has it’s advantages – as a relatively ‘unknown’ band in the UK when they tour here you get to see them in some more intimate gigs. As an extra ‘treat’ for their fans they always record some kind of EP in between main LP releases. These include covers albums, and more ‘raw’ tracks recorded in their own studio. They’ve dabbled with the poppier side (Before Everything And After) and the rawk side (The Renaissance EP) and always come out trumps. Now, to try choose 5 songs…

  1. Tomorrow’s Another Day (from ‘Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo’)
  2. Wrecking Hotel Rooms (from ‘Panic’)
  3. Cristalena (from ‘Life In General’)
  4. You’re On Fire (from ‘Secret Weapon’)
  5. It’s Undeniable (from ‘The Ever Passing Moment’)