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de Heideroosjes

In what seems like another life I use to swim for Bingley Amateur Swimming Club. We had links with e Dutch club, de Watervrienden Lisse, with whom we did an ‘exchange’ each year. One year we would go to Holland, the next year they would come to England. I made a few good friends from those trips who I am still in touch with, even though I’ve not swam properly for over a decade! In, I think, 1996 there was one lad called ‘Rob’ who introduced me to the Dutch punk band de Heideroosjes – I was instantly hooked! Their older stuff has a very raw, aggressive sound but in the late 90’s they were signed to Epitaph and their music, although still similar in style, has a more polished sound to it. Most songs are in English but there are quite a number in Dutch (various dialects), German and Flemish.

  1. Lekker Belangrijk (from ‘Chapter Eight, The Golden State’)
  2. Nothing For Free (from ‘Fifi’ & ‘Smile… You’re Dying’)
  3. Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden (from ‘Choice For A Lost Generation?!’ & ‘Smile… You’re Dying’)
  4. Regular Day In Bosnia (from ‘Schizo’)
  5. Ring Of Fire [cover] (from ‘Ode & Tribute’)