Feb 082011
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There’s this thing called ‘Music Monday’ that @girltaristhan does on her blog. Admittedly she stole it from Rickie (and probably numerous other folk across the interwebs). Basically, every Monday you do a short blog post about a band and 5 songs of theirs that you like or that have some deep meaning in your life that you can pretend your readers actually care about. You start with the letter ‘A’ and work through the alphabet right through to ‘Z’. If you miss a letter then and angry set of wild elves ride in on a pack of wolves and chew through your phone line or broadband connection thus rendering your life useless.

It’s a big commitment, once you get to ‘Z’ you need to start back at ‘A’ again and like in Mallet’s Mallet you cannot repeat yourself – the elves and wolves, remember them? So, my question is this: Am I committed enough to start doing ‘Music Monday’? We’ll see…