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Nearly six years later I’ve finally got around to editing our wedding video. It’s taken a while but it’s now ready. Why’s it taken so long? Well, originally Brother-T was going to edit his video along with another video tht was made of the wedding but he never had time to get it done – so we just had both recordings running back to back on VHS. Now I have the technology I’ve been able to rip the original tapes onto the computer and mix the two tapes together… six years later…

Last night, after checking all 1hr 32min 53secs of the video for the second time for any mistakes etc, I decided it was ready for exporting. It was about 11pm so took the decision to leave it all rendering over night as I knew it would take about 8 hours – I could do it quicker but that would involve spending money on a new processor, which would also need a new motherboard to sit in along with new RAM and a new case too… I can’t be bothered spending all that just to speed up video rendering!

Anyway, I got up this morning to check it had done it alright and my ‘start up windows’ were showing. “Great”, I thought, “my computer rebooted before it finished”. After checking the system logs it turns out that at 3.22am my PC rebooted. The reason? Windows had installed an update and said it needed to reboot in order to complete the installation; it would do this automatically for me if I didn’t press a key in the next 15 seconds. Well, Mr Windows XP, at 3.22am how the heck am I supposed to see that when I’m in bed fast asleep? Idiot!

What’s the point in having the option ticked for only installing updates when I’m ready if it just goes ahead and does it anyway?! So now I’ve got to export it all again while I’m doing my work…

Annoyed? You bet!