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One of the down-sides to working from home is the sever lack of blog material I encounter. Working at Leeds Uni was great as I used to commute via bus, train and foot every day. When I was at Nektar I had loads of time doing nothing (and getting paid for it) so blogging was easier. However, now I’m working at home I tend not to come across any peculiar folk that I can write about. Unless, that is, you’re interested in the Jehovah’s Witness who called round the other day; or the seemingly unendless cold callers telling me I’m entitled to a government grant for free cavity wall insulation – free if you’re on benefits. Although I’m told they offer a 50% discount if you’re not – hardly free though, is it? Twice they rang today! If you think that having regular phone calls asking if we sell the finest Indian spices is fun then let me know and I can blog about that for you too… I could tell you about Kia the cats smelly breath as she huddles up next to me on the couch, but it’s hard to explain the smell with words – if you’ve ever done a dissection then I can tell you that her breath smells like the innards of a pig, actually, no, probably more like the innards of a chicken.

So, anyway, I’m babbling! Catch ya later!