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T’other day, while I was tidying the cellar head and generally sorting out a mass of tools and junk that had been dumped there over the last few months or so, I came across one of these:

OK, it wasn’t quite as cartoony as that, but artistic license allows me to use such images. I’m not a big fan of anything that creeps and crawls unless I can easily destroy it with a something the size of a BIC Pen – so this one was out of my league as it had a span of about 15mm; far greater than the preferred method of destruction. In my panicy wisdom I resorted to vacuuming the little blighter up. Problem solved, and how easy was that?!

It wasn’t until later on that evening that I realised the spider could simply crawl back out of the bag/hose once I had switched it on… So much for my wonderful plan! It’s amazing how thick we can be when we panic about something so pathetic as a spider.