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I’m sure that old-age is making me lose my mind. I mean, 26 years old IS pretty old really – I’m probably a third of the way through my whole life…

I did another stupid thing yesterday although not quite as girly as being scared of a spider! I was hoovering up in the lounge (ok, maybe it IS as girly…) and there was a big bit of stuff on the floor. The hoover didn’t pick it up first time so I tried reversing over it, you know, just to make sure. It still didn’t manage to suck it up into the spiders new abode. So I tried again, both going forward and in reverse. Still no luck.

So what did I do? I bent down to pick up this bit of stuff to make sure that it wasn’t stuck in the carpet and after confirming that it wasn’t stuck in the carpet I put it back on the floor and tried to hoover it up again. Why I didn’t just put it in the bin when I’d picked it up I have no idea… Perhaps it was just to make sure the hoover was really working, perhaps I’m just daft… It can’t only be me that does it, surely?!

Her With The Hoover

DaFt (my new name?!)