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It’s December tomorrow and that means Mrs-MaFt will soon be demanding I get the step-ladders out and risk life and limb balancing on them with Mini-MaFt running underneath me getting the Christmas Decorations up.

The Mother-in-Law has been sorting through their lights and all that lot over the last few days and found that most of them don’t work – most of which they only bought last year. However, they bought them at the wrong time.

It got me thinking that if you don’t mind having your decorations put up a week or so late every other year then you can beat the warranty system and show the big light companies that “you’re the man”. Well, here’s my great money saving idea:

December 20th 2006: buy new Christmas lights with 12-month warranty. Put them up, get drunk and enjoy Christmas.

December 10th 2007: put your decorations up a bit earlier and if they don’t work then they are still within their 12-month warranty period and you get them replaced. If they do work, then great, you’ve not lost out on anything!

For the following years: if you need new decorations then get them as late as possible to ensure you have some time left in your warranty to get them replaced the following year if things go wrong.

Dead simple isn’t it? I have far too much time to think…