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Crazy Frog! It’s all the rage. You must by now have seen the advert at least 30 times already. You know, the one with the frog pretending to ride a motorbike? Apparently you can see his genitalia too. Well, anyway, it turns out a bunch of DJ’s from Radio 1 have got together to release the naked frog’s antics as a single.

The British music scene just seems to get worse and worse… No wonder decent bands like [spunge], Vanilla Pod, 4ft Fingers, Captain Everything and The Chucky No Stars end up unheard of – there are too many people buying bloody frog noises…

Oh, last night my brother Nat sent me the Crazy Frog thing… It’s quite good actually… I’ll get my coat, shall I?!


A crazy frog, but not the Crazy Frog