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Hello again. We had our machines taken from us at work due to the visit of a VIP. I hadn’t realised how much we used them for logging data and various other bits! Anyway, I’m back again now, and it’s been snowing! However, the sun has now come out and it’s melted…

Over the weekend I fit a spot light in the attic to highlight the dartboard (which I haven’t put up yet) and also made a hatch over the hole so when we’re playing darts we don’t fall down 9 feet onto the landing! Huzzah for DIY!

Other tasks at the moment include: ripping all my CD’s onto the computer/MP3 player, clearing the cellar out, helping Jonny from The Chucky No Stars get in touch with the mighty Relient K to hopefully arrange a UK tour and I also have a load of films I need to watch (so, Nat and Scru’, if you’re reading this I’ll try get your DVD’s back by Easter…)

Ta Ta