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Music has played a massive part in my life – since I was first introduced to Metallica and Megadeth by my older brother, Nat, I have bought and listened to countless albums. While I was at uni I built up an awesome punk-rock vinyl collection but in a possibly silly move I sold it all a few years back when we were seriously strapped for cash. However, I kept my CD’s and, although occasionally sell a few that no longer get listened to, I still have just short of 900 physical CD’s in my possession. There are clearly storage issues here – while it’s not a huge collection, it certainly isn’t small…

Recently I’ve bought a few MP3 albums via iTunes, Amazon and Play – ones for which I simply couldn’t get a physical CD (eg “It’s A Life” by de Heideroosjes and “Live in SoHo” by Linkin Park) or where the digital version was ridiculously cheap (“Forget and Not Slow Down” by Relient K – $3.99 [£2.60]!!)

So, here is my dilemma: There are a few albums I want to buy but physical storage is an issue. I like to have something physical to hold, I like to read the booklet / liner notes, I like to have something I can re-rip to MP3 should my hard drive decide to pack up. Hence I like to own a physical CD. On the flip side, a digital download requires no extra physical storage space (although I would need to back up these files), they are available straight away (no need to wait for Royal Mail) and are generally slightly cheaper. And therein lies my problem – they are only slightly cheaper; if at all! Sometimes it is cheaper to get the physical CD! We’re talking pence here, though, not pounds. For example, the new Paramore album “Brand New Eyes” (which is on Spotify) and AFI album “Crash Love” are both around £8 for digital download or physical CD. What should I do?! Do I take up more space to physically store a CD but then get the added bonus of having the liner notes to read or do I save space and download at the sacrifice of not physically owning anything? So, tell me, What Would Jesus Do?!