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The new iPhone software has been officially announced and is being released to the public on 19th June. I’ve been using the beta for a while now and yes, there are some very good new features – perhaps features that should have been included from the outset?

One of the new features that’s not actually available easily yet in the beta (without some hacking) is tethering – use your iPhone as a 3G modem for your laptop. Great I thought! Until I read on the o2 site that you need to get a tethering bolt on at £14.68 for 3GB/month or £29.36 for 10GB/month. OK, that also includes unlimited WiFi at the Cloud (and soon BT Openzone) but when you can get 5GB/month on a Three USB dongle it makes you wonder if it’s actually such a good deal… I know that I’ll be just using my £5, 1GB/month Virgin dongle – at least until the prices drop or they let you use the standard Web bolt-on!