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Man-FluIt’s not quite hot enough for hayfever but then it’s not really cold and wet enough for a cold. Well, I presume it needs to be cold and wet to catch a cold as my Mum always told me “you’ll catch yer death of cold going out in the cold and wet without a coat on”. Either way, I’m bunged up and feel as rough as a dog.

Much to Mrs-MaFt’s annoyance the cupboard is empty of Lemsip (well, Morrisons generic equivalent) and cat food (not health related – just adding to my online shopping list!). My hayfever tablets also have no effect – as you may expect anyway!

So, here we have it, my first case of Man-Flu for 2009! I’d call in sick but I work at home anyway so don’t get that luxury. I’ll just sit in bed and work instead.