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Cerrie BurnellBack in February this year there was uproar from some narrow-minded parents about the employment of Cerrie Burnell for CBeebies. I won’t go into all the pathetic comments that were posted in various forums but basically some people believed that a TV presenter with no forearm would scare children away from TV and she was only employed to ‘make up numbers’. Utter nonsense if you ask me… Anyway, 5 months on and Mini-MaFt has finally noticed this so-called hideous-scare-machine-of-a-TV-presenter’s ‘disability’ and, contrary to the idiots  speculation, he wasn’t scared, he didn’t run away screaming and I highly doubt he will have any nightmares about it either. He simply said, in a perfectly child-like way, “Eh? Where’s her hand gone?”. And that was it! It didn’t take very long to tell him that everyone is born different and that when she was growing in her mummy’s tummy her arm didn’t grow properly. Nothing else was asked about it so I really can’t see why so many parents were so scared of their precious little darling’s seeing someone ‘different’ to them… I wonder if the same people complained that there’s a black TV presenter on CBeebies too…?!