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Monkey’s are great, you can’t beat ’em. So it was a great delight when I saw that PG Tips had stolen ITV Digital‘s advertising campaign of Johnny Vegas and Monkey to sell their bags of leaves.

The thing is, I only drink, on average, one cup of tea a month. I’m too lazy to put the kettle on, stick a tea bag in a cup, stir it, add milk etc etc. Then, when I do bother I nearly always forget and by the time I’ve remembered the kettle’s gone cold again… A glass of water is much less work!

In order to get my free monkey I had to buy a box of 160 tea bags – remember: 1 tea bag per month. To get my ‘free’ monkey I have had to buy 13 years and 4 months worth of tea bags… Hardly ‘free’ is it?!