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We had a bunch of people round last night for some fireworks. What started off as me, Mrs-MaFt and Mini-MaFt quickly ended up being both our families and a whole bunch of other people too! Still, I’m not complaining – it was fun and Sister-In-Law-H’s neighbour made a fantastic corned beef and potato pie.

We’d bought some fireworks from Tesco – just kiddy ones so no big bangs or anything and so had Sister-In-Law-H. I got a text at about 5pm from Brother-T saying ‘Got shit loads of big fireworks and rockets see you later’. Well, they were big and there were lots of them, however, they were just bigger versions of the kiddy one’s we had bought! Brother-T was gutted that he’d spent forty quids on ‘pretty-pretties’ of which only two banged. The rockets were good though!

So, it just goes to show that just cos you pay more and they’re bigger that that doesn’t mean they’re gonna be any better! The big-ass fireworks required us to be 25m away from them as opposed to the 5m ones we’d bought originally. So, even though they were bigger they looked the same cos they were 5 times farther away…