a new thing

do i really learn a new thing everyday?

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

that's all folks :)

well, i think i've proved without a doubt that i really do learn a new thing everyday!

due to various reasons (such as actually having work to do at work along with less free time on my hands and a few other bits n bobs) i'm gonna end my research here!

cheers for reading though and feel free to read through the archives to see what amazingly wonderful things i learnt over the last 2 months!

i may even get back around to updating my main site as well but i'll probably concentrate on the photos and music side of things.



Friday, September 17, 2004

elisa's a funny man

today i'm carrying out an ELISA test to make sure everything works ok before the students carry it out. i've never done one before so the whole thing is one big learning experience for me.

i'm also off to see dave spikey tonight in bradford. so i'll learn whether he's any good at stand-up comedy. i would presume that he is, afterall he's doing a rather large tour...


Thursday, September 16, 2004

tiredness can kill - take a break

today i learnt that waking up through the night and then not being able to get back to sleep after 5am makes you really tired.

that said, i'm off to bed now! sorry for 2 short posts!


Wednesday, September 15, 2004

new toy

my new toy arrived yesterday (creative nomad jukebox zen xtra - 30gb) so today i've been learning how to set up playlists etc etc etc. all very boring to read but it'll make my train journeys more fun!


Tuesday, September 14, 2004

idle thumbs

"the devil makes work for idle thumbs" or so they say (hey, maybe i'll test that one day too!).

we've got a new laminator at work and dawn has been pestering for things to laminate since it's arrival. today we laminated 3 butterflies (cabbage white's if you're interested). the results were, how can i put this, interesting. the wings look great! it's just that the bodies got kind of mashed up during the process and smeared out the end of the pouch... needless to say we had to run a few sheets of paper through it to mop up the goo.

maybe if we freeze dry them first it'll work better. but for now i learnt that we need to rethink the laminating butterflies idea. you may be thinking it was obvious that they would squelch, but count yourselves lucky that we changed our mind from the original plan. frogs :)


Monday, September 13, 2004


noooooooooooooooooooooo............. you could probably hear the cries from where you are (that is if you were somewhere in my vicinity). they took my computer away from me at work!

don't worry though, i haven't been bad, they just use them for the students on field trips. it just means i'll have limited computer access for the next couple of weeks - right at the start of term when i need to get spreadsheets etc set up... the fools!

so that's what i learnt - they took my life, i mean computer away from me :(

i bought the new green day single as well today!

see ya


Sunday, September 12, 2004

sorting out day

today i are been mostly sorting things out. i went through loads of emails and actually deleted a lot of them! for anyone who knows me, i NEVER delete emails (although saying that, i never use capital letters either and i just did). some of the emails dated back to 1854 - well, not quite but february 2002 at least. in february 2002 i didn't even live in this house... it was pretty weird reading some of them as i remember the conversations involved!

anyway, onto what i learnt: seeing as i was on top 'sorting out' form i decided to sort out my mp3 collection as well. i currently have about 4,000 (10gig) of mp3's so i knew it would be a mammoth task. for some reason musicmatch jukebox decides not to automatically work out what genre of music a cd is when i rip the songs from it so there were quite a few that i had to add - this took a fair while.

i've just realised i still haven't started about what i learnt, i tell you now so i don't digress again! about 20 of my mp3's are single tracks with no other information (like album, year etc) so i decided to use the all music guide to learn what albums they were from. it's such a useful resource as you get to see how many different people have covered various songs and tried passing them off as their own...

well, anyway, i'm tired and hungover (i'm actually writing this on monday morning) so i'm gonna go do some work.