Dec 102010

I generally don’t get political but the last couple of days have really annoyed me. Pictures like this make my blood boil:

Luke Macgregor/REUTERS (via Guardian)

These kids are only out for one thing – to cause havoc. Why else would they need to cover their faces and hide their identity?

I’m all for students having a moan about tuition fees although I completely disagree with their thinking that uni should be free. They have a right to protest, but not to cause criminal damage and to assault people. They have a right to an education too. The thing is, they’ve HAD that education. You see, education is only compulsory up to the age of 16 and it is paid for by the government. Not everyone in the world has that privilege even though education it is one of our human rights. On the subject of human rights, today is actually Human Rights Day; Another human right is the protection of your own property – something the students seem to forget about when they start breaking stuff! Continue reading »