Apr 182007

Makka Pakka, Makka Pakka, Makka Pakka!

Eh?! What? You obviously haven’t seen ‘In The Night Garden‘ – created by the very same mentalists who did the Teletubbies.

Mini-MaFt likes it but hasn’t quite grasped how to say ‘Makka Pakka’ yet, instead it comes out as ‘Paki’ which he shouts at the top of his voice… Living in Bradford, I’m now scared to take him out of the house!!!

Makka Pakka


Mar 222007

Why does Postman Pat always wear his uniform? I know a guy who used to be a postman and outside of working hours he dressed like a normal person. What sort of impression does that give to children? Postman Pat is one big lie and it’s about time something was done about it…

Postman Pat (in case you didn’t know)


Feb 122007

Anyone else watching this? It seems pretty good so far actually but like most ‘reality’ TV there’s a cynical part of me that thinks that it’s not going to actually be that real…

The 12 jurors (some random ‘celebrities’) have to decide the outcome of a rape case. The case is fictional and is based on evidence taken form actors after an unscripted, ad-libbed ‘event’. Because of this then surely the witnesses etc aren’t going to be realistic as they know all along what happened and that none of it was real… Also, the jurors know none of it was real so they’ll have to be very strict with themselves to treat it as such and not to just have fun with it.

Still, it’s good telly and the first proper use of my DVD Recorder too! What would have topped it all off though was if they had got Judge Judy to preside over the case!