Jun 292009

For those who don’t know I manage the Speed Camera Database for PocketGPSWorld.com (among other things). There’s only me who does this so any time away from processing submissions results in having to do the work anyway so my one week holiday in the Costa del Sol now means I have one week’s worth of camera submissions to process as well as those submitted since my return. In other words, my holiday has now resulted in me having to work twice as hard this week. I call it my pseudo-holiday!

On top of the extra stuff to process for PocketGPSWorld I also seem to have had a tonne of stuff to do for my own websites (new links to add, videos to upload, domain names to park and nameservers to edit) – this in itself is a good thing, it’s just a bad time so soon after my pseudo-holiday…

Jun 142009

Stupid People Not Welcome!Something that has had me baffled for a long time is the question ‘why do some people say such stupid things’. You know the sort of question where you just look at them and have to actually mentally process whether or not they really did just say that? For example: Person A falls off a bike , his legs are mangled in the chain and gears; Person B approaches Person A and asks “are you alright?”. Surely it’s pretty damn obvious?!

I was on the receiving end of a ‘stupid question’ earlier today. When I mentioned our upcoming holiday the other person asked “Oh, are you going anywhere nice?”. Instinct told me to reply with “Actually, no, we’ve gone against out best wishes and booked somewhere awful this year just to see how the other side live. You see, we’ve had three nice holidays recently and we were desperate to spend the best part of a grand on somewhere crap so we could come home and complain on endless holiday watchdog forums about how awful our holiday was and how it was the complete opposite of ‘anywhere nice’.” Needless to say, however, I just said ‘Yes, Spain’. Perhaps next time I’ll have the courage!

Although I have just been to somwhere not very pleasant, the land of the suitcase which is just under the bed… Still, I found 20p so it wasn’t too bad!

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