May 162007

OK, even if the whole ‘eating a full pack of mini batenburgs‘ thing wasn’t piggish behaviour then I think this might be:

Today we were in Morrisons and I noticed that Creme Eggs we only 18p – a whole 2p cheaper than in Woolworths just over the car park! I had to by five. It would have been wrong not to!

I ate four of them, it would have been five but I gave one way to a homeless child. Well, not quite homeless, I gave it to one of Mini-MaFt’s friends, Master-O – he was most pleased! I might get some more tomorrow 😉


Jan 052007

I’ll try anything once. Well, maybe not anything, but most things. When Dougsy the Scottish Beast came down for PW2 last month he brought with him a gift. That gift was a Vegetarian Haggis made by Macsween of Edinburgh.

The other day I finally got around to cooking and eating it. After removing the outer packaging and inner packaging I was faced with this:

The instructions said I could either oven it for 45 minutes, boil it for 45 minutes or microwave it for 8 minutes. Being both a modern man and a lazy man I opted for the microwave approach. This involved having to cut the haggis up into slices:

…slapping it in the microwave…

…and, after 8 minutes, removing the now cooked haggis:

Then came the scary part. Actually eating it! It was quite nutty and stodgy although I think I only managed to finish one slice of it… Don’t get me wrong Dougsy, I certainly appreciate the gesture but vegetarian haggis is one thing that is being put on my “I’ve tried it once, and only once” list. Cheers though!