Nov 102006

I’ve just switched to Blogger Beta where I can now add labels for each post that I make. So, I’m starting to go through all the posts to add the relevant labels to each one. However, if you subscribe to my RSS Feed then you may find that it suddenly seems to repost everything all of a sudden… This is because the posts have to be re-uploaded to add the labels and the feed thinks it’s new…

So, sorry if you see lots of posts, but you have been warned!


Nov 072006

Well, the blog has gone all black n orange! My two favourite colours. Well, not my favourite colours, more my favourite colour scheme! More changes to come, this is just the start for now!

I’m finally gonna get around to updating my site – well, that’s a massive over-statement, the plan is actually to just change the main page to make it either a link to the blog (regularly updated) or the main site (badly updated) – at some point I’ll actually update the site a bit but since Mini-MaFt has been born I’ve not had much chance to write any songs so it’s a bit pointless so far! Still, it’ll get done.

I recorded the vocals for OPEN YOUR EYES last night which sound pretty good. Just a few more finishing touches and we should be able to get some samples up and get them off to the printers too.

Right, break over, back to work!


Nov 012006

Had a pretty busy week last week! Monday we headed over to Blackpool to see the lights – I’m sure they get slacker each year… I remember the North end used to have loads of big displays at the roadside but there’s only about 10 or so now. Maybe it’s cos I’m getting older and everything seems much bigger and more fascinating when you’re younger! Mini-MaFt enjoyed himself even though it was flipping freezing!

Tuesday was Niece-C’s birthday party so that took up the best part of the evening then the day after was her actual birthday – so, again, another afternoon taken out! Working from home is great as it meant I could finish early in the afternoon then just make up the hours later in the evening!

I’m also enjoying Firefox 2 – particularly the in-line spell checker so as I type here it underlines spelling errors! Great stuff!

Then, my free time this week has been spent sorting out the stuff for recording the CD on Saturday and getting music sorted out for PW2… Busy busy busy!


Ta-ra for now, I have to get back to work 😉