Mar 162010

Today I had a weird instant messenger conversation with my mate, ‘P’. ‘P’ does computer repair down south and often gets frustrated with people who pretend to know ‘computer stuff’ – I do too. It started of fairly normal (although unless you read any of our previous chats the reference to the XP DVD burning update might seem a bit random) but rapidly went a bit weird…: Continue reading »

Dec 122007

This morning I took the plunge and updated my phone to Windows Mobile 6! No major issues to report and it actually seems to run a bit faster too but that could just be cos it’s nice and fresh!

One other advantage was that because it’s a new ROM and therefore essentially a nice, clean registry then I can reinstall Opera Mobile for another 30 days! I’m holding off buying this as a new version is due out soon. I emailed them to ask if I bought it now would I get version 9 for free when it was released and was told no, I couldn’t… No chance I’m paying twice for it so they can wait for now!


Dec 072007

Virgin Broadband is currently down… Well, their official description is: “Customers across the Yorkshire region may currently be experiencing a loss of their broadband Internet services”. Basically, I can get to a few sites but not any of the ones I need to… like for my emails (can get them on the phone though), (so can’t get any work done – ie no money), (so can’t update that site and get a small amount of advertising money).

So, generally, it sucks! So I thought I’d share my moaning with you here on the blog cos Virgin let me go to!

See ya


Oct 052007

I’m currently teaching myself Javascript which is turning out to be considerably more complex than I’d first imagined! I’m using the O-Reilly book by David Flanagan and I’m currently up to page 105 of 591 (and then another 450 reference pages…!) which is pretty easy to follow. O-Reilly books seem to be very good, they managed to teach me PHP quickly enough too! Still, once it’s done it’ll be handy!

Right, back to reading 🙂


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Apr 042007

Nearly six years later I’ve finally got around to editing our wedding video. It’s taken a while but it’s now ready. Why’s it taken so long? Well, originally Brother-T was going to edit his video along with another video tht was made of the wedding but he never had time to get it done – so we just had both recordings running back to back on VHS. Now I have the technology I’ve been able to rip the original tapes onto the computer and mix the two tapes together… six years later…

Last night, after checking all 1hr 32min 53secs of the video for the second time for any mistakes etc, I decided it was ready for exporting. It was about 11pm so took the decision to leave it all rendering over night as I knew it would take about 8 hours – I could do it quicker but that would involve spending money on a new processor, which would also need a new motherboard to sit in along with new RAM and a new case too… I can’t be bothered spending all that just to speed up video rendering!

Anyway, I got up this morning to check it had done it alright and my ‘start up windows’ were showing. “Great”, I thought, “my computer rebooted before it finished”. After checking the system logs it turns out that at 3.22am my PC rebooted. The reason? Windows had installed an update and said it needed to reboot in order to complete the installation; it would do this automatically for me if I didn’t press a key in the next 15 seconds. Well, Mr Windows XP, at 3.22am how the heck am I supposed to see that when I’m in bed fast asleep? Idiot!

What’s the point in having the option ticked for only installing updates when I’m ready if it just goes ahead and does it anyway?! So now I’ve got to export it all again while I’m doing my work…

Annoyed? You bet!


Feb 282007

Last night I was up until about 1am sorting out both Mini-MaFt’s website and getting my head around setting up a Cron job and associated php script to automatically create a backup of a MySQL database…

It was fun, and we got there in the end with some help from the excellent Support guys at Blackfoot Hosting!

Having said that I’m only up to August 2006 for Mini-MaFt’s site so there’s still a bit more to do…


Feb 272007

I’ve (rather reluctantly) moved my blog back onto the Blogger hosting to take advantage of some of the new features available which they don’t let you use if you FTP to your own host…

Because of this you may need to change your link to the RSS feed, if you use it, to this:



Jan 132007

Blimey, I’ve let a week slip by again without any posts… So, I’m not sitting here with a pint of Wells Banana Bread Beer bringing you up to speed.

So, basically I’ve been getting lots of work done – both paid work and unpaid work. I’ve been a busy bee getting a load of video editing done but have hit a potential stumbling block… Disc space, or rather the lack of it. Never the mind though as I’ve worked out a way around it – it took a lot longer to work this out than I believe it should have though… I’m just putting the finishing touches to the bonus disc of the Punk Worship DVD I’m doing so once that’s burnt I can get rid of the raw footage which will free up enough space (about 30GB) so that I can finish off my wedding video and Brother-A’s wedding video.

Once those are done I’ll have enough free space to do the main disc of the Punk Worship DVD set, for which I’ll need about 45GB just for the raw footage. Then when that’s done I can get cracking on Mini-MaFt’s First Year DVD and a tonne of other odd little recordings I need to sort out.

It’s scary to think that I can happily sit and manipulate 20GB files when only 7 years ago my first computer had a (then) massive 6.4GB hard drive. Big Brother-T said at the time “you’ll never need all that space but if you’ve got the money you may as well have it”. Well, now I have 18GB free space out of the 320GB I have available – and I cleared about 10GB the other day just from odd video files knocking about…

Space, the final frontier – I’ll never have enough…


Nov 232006

It may seem kinda weird but since I’ve been working on a PC all day long at home I hardly ever seem to have any inclination to use my own PC! While this in itself is no big deal it just means that loads of stuff I need to do keeps getting put off – like the pile of camcorder video’s I need to edit and burn to disc, websites I need to make etc etc.

I suppose it’s like when I made drugs for a living at Nektar I never wanted to come home and make drugs. Now I work on a computer all day I hardly want to use one in my spare time. But, hey, at least I can make all the drugs I want to now!