Nov 232011

I’m having a pre-Christmas CD clearout if anyone wants some cheap CD’s? I’m looking at around £1.50-£2 per CD but feel free to offer a (sensible) price if you want a few!

They are all in very good condition and mostly punk/rock. The 2 ‘All’ CDs were American promo’s so have a hole through the barcode. If you want any more info then please search for the album at as this will give you all the info like packaging etc.

The CD’s are: Continue reading »

Oct 132009

Music has played a massive part in my life – since I was first introduced to Metallica and Megadeth by my older brother, Nat, I have bought and listened to countless albums. While I was at uni I built up an awesome punk-rock vinyl collection but in a possibly silly move I sold it all a few years back when we were seriously strapped for cash. However, I kept my CD’s and, although occasionally sell a few that no longer get listened to, I still have just short of 900 physical CD’s in my possession. There are clearly storage issues here – while it’s not a huge collection, it certainly isn’t small… Continue reading »