Mar 242011

It must be a tough life being a tech blogger / tech news reporter. I mean, there’s hardly any new technology or products being developed at all that can be written about. No one even uses existing technology for anything interesting and newsworthy either. Things are so bad on a daily basis that they must start to report rumours as news. Oh, wait, hang on. Actually, there are a tonne of new developments that could be written about… But that would be too much hard work, right?

Instead we get to see stupid rumours about Apple things that have so little substance that they are laughable. It doesn’t happen with any other company – I’ve never read a blog/news post about Company A sending an email to Company B therefore Company A must be developing product XYZ but that’s what I see on an almost daily basis with so called news reports for Apple.

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Jun 072009

It’s been a long, long time since I blogged for proper and getting hooked on Twitter has spurred me on to get blogging again – 140 characters just isn’t enough…

Previously I’ve used for my blogging needs but publishing it on my own server – this really annoyed me as there were not only more chances for things to go wrong while Blogger was FTP-ing the files to my site but also Blogger had this wonderful policy that if you used your own hosting you couldn’t use any of the (then) new fancy features that were added around 2004. I carried on using it simply because I’d got used to it… Shear laziness I know!

My last blog ran from February 2005 until February 2008  and spanned 4 jobs (Leeds Uni, Nektar Therapeutics, Dole Dosser, – feel free to read it here: It’s been almost 18 months since I last officially blogged. Now I’ve opted to use the mighty WordPress which I’m more than happy with after fiddling for just over an hour. So, expect some changes over the next week or so while I experiment with new plugins, widgets and themes and also get my head around what categories, sub categories and tags to use!
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