Jan 052007

I’ll try anything once. Well, maybe not anything, but most things. When Dougsy the Scottish Beast came down for PW2 last month he brought with him a gift. That gift was a Vegetarian Haggis made by Macsween of Edinburgh.

The other day I finally got around to cooking and eating it. After removing the outer packaging and inner packaging I was faced with this:

The instructions said I could either oven it for 45 minutes, boil it for 45 minutes or microwave it for 8 minutes. Being both a modern man and a lazy man I opted for the microwave approach. This involved having to cut the haggis up into slices:

…slapping it in the microwave…

…and, after 8 minutes, removing the now cooked haggis:

Then came the scary part. Actually eating it! It was quite nutty and stodgy although I think I only managed to finish one slice of it… Don’t get me wrong Dougsy, I certainly appreciate the gesture but vegetarian haggis is one thing that is being put on my “I’ve tried it once, and only once” list. Cheers though!


Dec 262006

Most people who chat to me via MSN will probably be able to tell you that my keyboard sucks. The space bar tends to be a bit reluctant to do any work so you would quite often have to decipherwhatexactlyiwastyping! However, Mrs-MaFt bought me a shiny new keyboard for Christmas (amongst other things) with, wait for it, a fully functioing space-bar! The possibilities are endless!!

See ya


Dec 182006

T’other day, while I was tidying the cellar head and generally sorting out a mass of tools and junk that had been dumped there over the last few months or so, I came across one of these:

OK, it wasn’t quite as cartoony as that, but artistic license allows me to use such images. I’m not a big fan of anything that creeps and crawls unless I can easily destroy it with a something the size of a BIC Pen – so this one was out of my league as it had a span of about 15mm; far greater than the preferred method of destruction. In my panicy wisdom I resorted to vacuuming the little blighter up. Problem solved, and how easy was that?!

It wasn’t until later on that evening that I realised the spider could simply crawl back out of the bag/hose once I had switched it on… So much for my wonderful plan! It’s amazing how thick we can be when we panic about something so pathetic as a spider.