Jun 282007

Well, here they are, the promised photo’s of our local Harrier Jumpjet! Shoetree and his lovely lady-wife came over yesterday so I took them for a drive to see the plane too 🙂

Well, here they are, the promised photo’s of our local Harrier Jumpjet! Shoetree and his lovely lady-wife came over yesterday so I took them for a drive to see the plane too 🙂


Jun 212007

We were driving up to Queensbury yesterday along the Brighouse & Denholme Road and I happened to look out of the window. TO my surprise, there was a Harrier JumpJet in someone’s garden. Not a toy, an actual real Harrier JumpJet!

To confirm I wasn’t going mad, we stopped on the way back to make sure… And it was still there – a real, full-size, not a toy, Royal Navy Harrier JumpJet.

If you don’t believe me then head over to The Raggalds pub and it’s opposite there. I’ll try get a photo at some point!


May 232007

Someone recently bought Mini-MaFt a ‘My First Remote Controlled Car’ as a “your not the special baby anymore but we feel sorry for you so here’s a present” gift. However, it doesn’t use RF as most radio controlled cars do, no, this one uses Infra Red.

Not a problem really – the car functions adequately in both forward and reverse using the supplied controller. It also functions adequately using any remote control in the house… You can be flicking channels and this little toy car starts rolling along the floor with it’s lights flashing away!

The thing is, it always catches me off guard and makes me jump when flicking between episodes of The Simpsons!


May 162007

OK, even if the whole ‘eating a full pack of mini batenburgs‘ thing wasn’t piggish behaviour then I think this might be:

Today we were in Morrisons and I noticed that Creme Eggs we only 18p – a whole 2p cheaper than in Woolworths just over the car park! I had to by five. It would have been wrong not to!

I ate four of them, it would have been five but I gave one way to a homeless child. Well, not quite homeless, I gave it to one of Mini-MaFt’s friends, Master-O – he was most pleased! I might get some more tomorrow 😉


May 062007

Whoever thought up this one was a flippin’ genius! I mean, normally you get a one year guarantee on something that you can guarantee will break after one year and a day. However, the cunning marketing people at far too many companies obviously realised that instead of spending all that R&D; money designing products that fail exactly one year and twenty-four hours after their first use, they could do it another way.

Simply give the product a ‘lifetime’ guarantee! You see, it is guaranteed to work for the product’s lifetime – as soon as it breaks, it’s guarantee has passed! The products lifetime is over and so, therefore, it it’s guarantee. Clever sods, aren’t they?!

And so, in keeping with this fine tradition, I offer a lifetime guarantee for this blog. It will always be here, right up until it’s not!


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Apr 262007

These last two days have been a rollercoaster of mixed emotions.

Yesterday morning we found out that a good friend of Mrs-MaFt and myself had died suddenly and very unexpectedly. She was only 31 and has left behind a husband and 3 young boys (11 weeks, 3 years and 5 years). We still can’t really believe it but have to try and get on.

This morning was the total opposite as it was the extraction of Mini-Mrs-MaFt – a beautiful little girl weighing in at 6lb 8oz. Mini-MaFt loves her to bits (which is a good thing!). Pictures below – I’m tired and off to bed!

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Apr 252007

Dinosaurs and humans lived on Earth at the same time.

[please note that this post worked better when the images linked correctly… have a read of this to see them: http://www.creationists.org/mananddinos.html]

How else can you explain the images on these Inca burial stones from 500-1500AD?

Or this Aboriginal painting from Queensland

Or a Buddhist temple carving in Cambodia from around 1200AD:

If dinosaur bones were only din the last 200 or so years then how come there re some damn-good depictions of them knocking about from waaaaaaaaaaay before then? The simple answer: they lived only thousands of years ago as opposed to millions and at the same time as humans!