Sep 122011

A while back I blogged about the possibility that I may have a defect in my MLH1 gene that increases my chances of getting bowel cancer. You can read more info here: Keeping It In The Family. The other month I went for a blood test and a few days ago I got my results.

Now, I’m not going to post my results here because there is one close family member who doesn’t want to know plus you’re probably not that interested anyway! But in the days before getting my results it got me thinking…

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Aug 162011

I was quite shocked yesterday to read a short article from the BBC regarding use of images from The Twitter and The Facebook during the recent London riots. The article revolved around the fact that one Andy Mabbett complained about the BBC using photo’s from Twitter, and other social media sites, in their coverage of the riots without permission from the owners. The complaint (and subsequent response from the BBC) is here:

Apparently though, this response was incorrect so the BBC Editors set out to make an official statement of how they deal with such situations. You can read it here:

So, what was I shocked and appalled by?

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Jul 272011

A few days ago one of my many Twitter accounts suddenly came alive. It was quite exciting. My little fun project,, had received more submissions and hits than previous weeks and months. @AtkiTeach tweeted the following:

@bettakultcha @racinghippo follow @bdjesusman – cannot believe I only just found this and site! As a Bradfordian, get Mr Jesus or site ppl!

to which @bettakultcha later replied:

@bdjesusman would love you to come and present about bradfordjesusman at #bettakultcha #Bradford


A few things struck me from these and a few other messages that were sent:

  1. Random people were starting to find my Bradford Jesus Man website which means word is getting around without me having to whore it on The Facebook or The Twitter so much.
  2. People actually loved the idea of the site.
  3. I was being complimented on the design and functionality of the site.
  4. I had no idea what BettaKultcha was…

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May 102011

Just over five years ago my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer. It was treated successfully with only a few minor setbacks in the way of open wounds and infections. After various other tests brought about, I think, by his brother getting cancer at a similar age it turns out he has a gene defect in his third chromosome; the defect, known as MLH1, gives rise to ‘hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer‘ (HNPCC). People with this gene defect have about an 80% chance of getting colorectal cancer at some point in their life – usually between the ages of 40 and 60 depending on the actual type of cancer.

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Mar 182011

I’m sick to death of having HD shoved down my throat. Everywhere you go it’s ‘HD this’ and ‘HD that’ even to the point where people make up new meanings for what HD actually is. I overheard a salesman telling an old woman that she needed a HD-ready TV so it will still work after the digital switchover – the poor old dear only wanted a 14-16inch TV for in the kitchen!!

A friend of mine (@echoingsounds) asked if I’d seen ‘Abatoir‘ (I may have misheard him though) to which I answered “yes’ – because I have an I didn’t see the point in lying about such a  trivial thing. He then said “Oooooohhhhhh, wait until you see it in HD!” to which I responded “Why? does it make the story better?”. Completely missing the fact that I wasn’t overly impressed with the film he simply said “No, it just looks amazing”.

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Jan 252011

Since October 2006 I’ve been self employed doing web design & hosting with Chris / Salt & Light Solutions, the odd bit of computer repair work and, primarily, doing the day to day admin for‘s speed camera database. The latter essentially being a full time job (along with app development, web site stuff, customer support etc). I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Well, as the title suggests, working at home this way has it’s pro’s and it’s con’s…

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Jan 132011

When I was younger, probably half my current age, I used to know every single word to virtually every single song of every single album that I owned. Some may call this a bit sad, I prefer to say that it was simply quite anal! It had it’s advantages though, it meant me and my mate Neil could challenge each other to pass the time in mind-numbingly boring jobs. One such job was at Multiserve in Shipley (StreetView: the grey building with the zig-zag roof). The job entailed sticking lolly’s to the front of kids magazines; another was sticking packs of seeds onto the front of gardening magazines. I always thought that these things were automated by machinery – well, perhaps they are for real publications, but these things were incredibly obscure. I remember the ‘boys’ magazine that we were sticking the lollies onto featured an interview with, and I quote, “Someone Who Knows Tiger Woods”. I had some crap jobs, but that’s for another blog post I think!

* Top left image from MediaMonkey

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Dec 102010

I generally don’t get political but the last couple of days have really annoyed me. Pictures like this make my blood boil:

Luke Macgregor/REUTERS (via Guardian)

These kids are only out for one thing – to cause havoc. Why else would they need to cover their faces and hide their identity?

I’m all for students having a moan about tuition fees although I completely disagree with their thinking that uni should be free. They have a right to protest, but not to cause criminal damage and to assault people. They have a right to an education too. The thing is, they’ve HAD that education. You see, education is only compulsory up to the age of 16 and it is paid for by the government. Not everyone in the world has that privilege even though education it is one of our human rights. On the subject of human rights, today is actually Human Rights Day; Another human right is the protection of your own property – something the students seem to forget about when they start breaking stuff! Continue reading »

Nov 252010

Perhaps the title itself will give this slightly bizarre blog post away before I even start. Perhaps though, I am misrepresenting you as physics geeks. Time shall tell!

There is a theory in Quantum Mechanics (a branch of physics) that matter can both exist and not exist at the same time – this is referred to as a ‘superposition’. Admittedly it is somewhat more complex than that – feel free to Google or Wiki it. Back in 1935 a few boffins got together to discuss this, and other ‘life-threatening’ physics mumbo-jumbo, to which Schrödinger came up with a purposefully absurd rebuttal involving a cat in a box. Continue reading »