Jun 132009

I don’t use Facebook that much other than for free webspace for uploading photos, the occasional game and the occasional message to someone I’ve not seen for years. However, when the kids woke me at 9 this morning I still felt compelled to grab me a ‘Vanity URL’ – I also got Mrs-MaFt one too.

It’s one thing that has really bugged me on Facebook, the difficulty in finding someone, even someone you know! Numerous time I chatted to people via MSN Messenger or on the phone saying if they were on Facebook they could see the photo’s I just uploaded – it usually turns out they are and the conversation then resorts to discussing which keywords to use to try and find each other as more often than not there are 16,000 people with the same name and it’s hard to recognise someone on a tiny profile picture, that is assuming it’s even a picture of them!

So now, Facebook have finally caught up with the times and allow facebook.com/your.name style URL’s – only 3 years too late…! Maybe soon they will get rid of all the crap and it will just be Twitter with photo albums!

Dec 052007

For those thinking “it’ll be Christmas by the time he blogs again” well, you’re wrong. But not too far from the truth though!

Been stupidly busy sorting out poorly kids and poorly me as well as trying to get stuff sorted for the Christmas play I stupidly agreed to do…

I’ve been pretty busy with work stuff to – lots to do with PocketGPSWorld.com as usual but I’ve also recently finished the Migrant Workers Information Bradford site as well as completely redesigning the Jalapeno Drums site. The Jalapeno one is still showing the old site while we wait for domain names to be switched between hosts etc etc – all great fun…! I’ve also updated the portfolio part of my site at MaFt.co.uk/design so it’s not been a total loss!

That’ll do for now, I’ll try post more in the near future!


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