Aug 162011

I was quite shocked yesterday to read a short article from the BBC regarding use of images from The Twitter and The Facebook during the recent London riots. The article revolved around the fact that one Andy Mabbett complained about the BBC using photo’s from Twitter, and other social media sites, in their coverage of the riots without permission from the owners. The complaint (and subsequent response from the BBC) is here:

Apparently though, this response was incorrect so the BBC Editors set out to make an official statement of how they deal with such situations. You can read it here:

So, what was I shocked and appalled by?

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Jul 052011

The other week I bought a new domain name – ‘’. Currently I use ‘’. Why did I buy it? Well, partly because I could and it was available and partly because it’s three characters shorter. Wow, three whole characters I hear you say in disbelief. Well, three characters shorter from ten is actually 33% so it is actually a pretty big saving. I use The Twitter (@MaFt) a lot where every character counts so links to my site now save valuable space. OK, OK, I admit… the main reason was I just wanted to have a trendy new .co domain name…