Feb 142011
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A are a fantastic British rock/punk/alternative band who were pretty big in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. My mate, Jim, who I met at uni got me into them and I was surprised that I’d not actually heard of them before then! I got to see them at a few festivals but never got to one of their own gigs before they went on hiatus. They have recently reformed and I was lucky enough to see them supporting Bowling For Soup at the end of last year. I was blown away at how good their songs are and tight they are as a live band.

  1. Foghorn (from ‘How Ace Are Buildings’)
  2. Monkey Kong (from ‘A Vs Monkey Kong’)
  3. Bad Idea (from ‘How Ace Are Buildings’)
  4. Nothing (from ‘HiFi Serious’)
  5. Old Folks (from ‘A Vs Monkey Kong’)